The ones working day in, day out so that the school can exist:

We take our work seriously.

However, to manage day in day out and keep our sanity, we do try, as often as we can,
to not take ourselves too seriously.

We try to play, experiment, play, learn and be every new day more fluid.

We are a main triad, part of a bigger tribe.


Alina Cătălina Bănuleasa
aka Șparkles, Maker & Believer

When Catalina dreams, she dreams big.

And when she puts herself at work, she makes things happen.

And by following her dreams and passion she inspires people to join these efforts.


Dia(na) Crețu
aka GIN, Queen Drama & getting things done

Diana is a coffee-fueled, detail-oriented, people-driven and yellow-is-my-favorite-color kind of person.

She has a holistic approach to work and wants to make THINGS THAT MATTER while seeking balance between simplicity, purpose and vision in her work.


Roxana Talamba
aka Winter Șpritz

Roxana is that visual and imaginative kind of person that loves to share and say stories, no matter what form.

She believes people need more vulnerability in their lives and trust that their dreams will eventually become true, so she wants to show that to the world.

You can read more about us and the professional eand expertise side of us on the web as well as on our blog or Medium. Here we wanted to just a glimpse of who we are are people.

You can find us in our beautiful corner on
Paris 39 Street, ap 4, Bucharest, Eloquentix Office

Send us an email at hello.

The people who make us grow - our ADVISORS

We’re young at heart and spirit. And foolish. And we do think far.

And we did learn (the normal and the hard way) to listen to what others can give us from their vast experience.

These are our dearest people, those we deeply value, respect and listen to, when it comes to making this School better.

The School is where it is and will be where it will be also because of these people:




Management Consultant | Executive Coach | Startup Advisor
The youngest person among us



Management Consultant | Entrepreneur
Our godmother and all-things guide.



Head of UX @BT
Our challenger and the one pushing us further